Cutting & Styling

At Snippers & Clippers, we can advise on all different lengths and styles. Whether you’re looking for a short cropped style, a one layered bob or voluminous long locks, our expert team will be able to offer you a style to suit your lifestyle and face shape.

Adding long layers to a cut can help add volume and texture, creating bounce and style. Sometimes deciding on a mid length hair cut can be difficult, speak to our hair stylists, to achieve a look that’s right for you. It might be a side fringe you are after, at Snippers & Clippers we can help you to choose a look which will maximise your texture and hair type.

Short Haircuts and Styles

A short pixie cut or a short bob hairstyle can be easy to maintain, and are fantastic hairstyles to accentuate your features. If you have a short hairstyle you won’t be spending much time drying and styling your hair. Our stylists will ensure that your hair is easy to maintain and looks great for any occasion. Ensure that you keep your regular hair appointments to keep your short hair style in its best condition and looking great. Come and talk to one of our highly trained professionals, to discuss your short hair style, and let us design that great style for you.

Mid Length or Medium Length Hairstyles

Mid length hair is a great, versatile choice for girls on the go! Mid length hair is not high maintenance and is often easier to style than longer hair. Mid length hair offers the most haircut choices and possibilities. You can wear your hair loose in big curls or waves, tied up in a ponytail, or in an up-style. Mid length hair can be as multi-directional as you require whether its worn straight and sleek or a messy long bob, or ‘lob’.

Haircuts for Longer Hair

Long hair is great for giving you maximum hair style choices. The options are endless! Experiment with your locks and try different looks to give you that classic, feminine or romantic style that you desire. Whether you want it long and wavy, or sleek or straight, long hair is so versatile that you can wear it up or down to get an amazing look. Our highly trained hairstylists can advise you on your style and how to keep it looking its best. We stock a range of products to not only keep it looking fantastic but feeling great as well.

Special Occasion Hairstyles

There are some special occasions that require the expert touch of an experienced hair stylist. Whether it be a wedding, prom, or a big party, the hair specialists at Snippers & Clippers can help. We know how important it is to look and feel great on a special occasion, so rest assured that our hair experts can make that happen.

Men’s Hair Cuts & Styles

Don’t forget, we also do great men’s haircuts in our salon, or in our barbers nextdoor. At Snippers & Clippers, we create quality haircuts and hair colour for men, leaving you looking fresh every time.

Ladies Price
Dry Cut £18.00
Wash + Cut £23.00
Wash + Cut + Blow Dry Short £31.00
Wash + Cut + Blow Dry Long £35.00
Shampoo + Set £13.50
Blow Dry - From £15.50
Straightened £18.00
Curled (GHD/Tongs) £18.00
Hair Up £25.00
Wedding Hair Price on Request
Gents Price
Cut (Under 60) £11.50
Cut (Over 60) £10.00
Grad 1 or 2 £8.00
Wash, Cut + Style £14.50
Children Price
Girls (Under 5) £5.50
Girls (5-11) £12.00
Boys (Under 5) £5.50
Boys (5-11) £12.00

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