There are many hair colouring techniques available at our hair salon in Lyminge and we pride ourselves on being on the forefront of the very latest methods and techniques. We even offer Vegan-sourced treatments including tinting, foils and spatula, and with every one you will receive a free treatment.

Full Head Hair Colour & Colouring Grey Hair

Full head hair colours are perfect for those wanting just one single, block hair colour covering all of the hair. It’s also the best way to colour and cover those stubborn greys. This doesn’t necessarily have to mean permanent hair dyes, as semi permanent hair dyes and toners can also produce some fantastic results when it comes to hair colour coverage.

Highlights and Lowlights

Using foils to add highlights or lowlights to hair is often regarded as one of the most natural looking hair colour techniques. By applying multiple colours and shades to a few strands of hair at a time, we can create a multi tonal, three dimensional hair colour. Highlights are perfect for creating those sun kissed hues, honey blondes and ash blonde colours. Lowlights really add depth to hair colour and can be used to create some subtle but striking hair colours.


Highlights and lowlights can be applied using foils. Strips of foil in varying lengths and widths are used as a framework for individual strands of hair to be placed onto the foils and the hair colour applied. A varying number of foils can be used and are usually broken down as follows:

Full Head Foils

Foil hi-lites or low-lites are placed throughout the whole head of hair. This is perfect for those who want all over even hair colour coverage and also for those who wear their hair in upstyles regularly. So, if you’re a gym bunny or someone who wears their hair up for work you might want to consider full head foil highlights or lowlights so that the hair colour is uniform all over.

Half-Head Foils

Foil high lights or low lights are placed generally around the crown area covering half the head. This will leave either your natural colour underneath or an all over tint. Half head foil highlights or lowlights is the most popular choice when it comes to foil highlights.

Partial Foils

Usually this is up to 8 foil highlights or lowlights placed in the hair. Typically concentrated in one area like the fringe or a popular choice for men’s hair colour. Partial foils can be used to create some dramatic colour injections in specific areas.

Colouring (inc. cut & finish) Price
Full Head Foils £80.00
Half Head Foils £70.00
Spatula Short £53.00
Spatula Long £58.00
Tint (no cut) £36.00
Tint Regrowth £54.00
Full Head Tint Short £58.00
Full Head Tint Long £65.00
Ombre Long FROM £90.00
Ombre Short FROM £90.00

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